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Gemma Layton, Customer Experience Manager

The WOW! Awards has been a huge success for us in engaging and celebrating our teams.
It enables us to further embed our customer values by recognising excellence when it happens and feeding this back to our frontline staff.

This feedback not only serves to build morale and bring a smile to people’s faces as they go about their day, but it is also a reminder to continue to embody these values.
It has grown into a positive circle of feedback which has helped us to retain, reward and strengthen our team in an effortless, yet meaningful way.

If you would like to nominate someone from Morrison Utility Services, click the following links and make your nomination.  This way those employees will get recognised.

Morrison Utility Services – Thames Water
Morrison Utility Services – Yorkshire Water


  1. We had a water meter fitted this morning by Rob Billam and Steve Durose. They completed the job efficiently and quickly and left the site as they found it. Great team work and polite guys. Thank you.

  2. Today the Thames Water engineer Frank Luck came to instal a smart meter in our house. He was punctual, introduced himself, was very friendly and cheerful (despite the fact that he had been on night duty until 3 am ) The best thing was that he also installed an additional switch with a handle because the present one was extremely hard to turn. What a relief!
    When asked Frank also advised us on using a water filter/descaling device since the water in our area (South East) is very hard. We understand that he is one of the youngest engineer at Thames Water and we wish him all the best for his future career.

  3. I received a phone call from Kevin about my water account. Kevin was very nice and friendly and polite. I had paid my £20 on the 2 nd of August as i got paid a day early. He explained that even though i had paid on the 2 nd of August it takes four or five days for them to receive the payment. He was a very friendly and kind person and most helpful. Keep up the good work Kevin.

  4. antony dehavilland

    Mr Rob Marshall visited our property today….what a helpful person…he couldnt resolve our problem but went out of his way to point us in the right direction

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